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Wireless CCTV

Pacific Wireless Communications can design and integrate a Wireless CCTV Solution to meet your surveillance requirements. By eliminating the traditional CCTV coaxial cable, wireless CCTV has numerous financial and technological benefits.

Institutions of all kinds - from shopping centers to transportation systems to military bases are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with traditional cabling. A Pacific Wireless Communications wireless security solution simply leaps over these barriers, allowing a virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras to be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively in a new or expanded security system.

Benefits of Pacific Wireless Communications Wireless CCTV:

  • Eliminate massive costs and delays of trenching or running conduit
  • Quickly deployed and reconfigured
  • Deploys virtually anywhere -- rugged terrain, bodies of water, remote areas
  • Carrier class 99.999% reliability ensures non-stop security
  • Enables real-time transmission from and control of surveillance cameras
  • Wi-Fi network allows remote monitoring (via PDAs, desktops, etc.) and increases ROI
  • Camera’s are accessible remotely through the internet
  • DSL or Cable can be used to transport video to monitoring station
  • Superb image quality
  • Flexibility to place a camera wherever power is available
  • Scalability, adding more camera’s is easy
  • Easy to network into a wired CCTV system

Security and surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for fixed wireless equipment. Government agencies, municipalities, and private enterprises are all in the process of enhancing security through the use of increased video surveillance.


Cameras are popping up everywhere — shopping malls, city streets, parking lots, and parks just to name a few. In the interest of homeland security, there is a very large effort to place video cameras in remote locations such as water storage reservoirs, nuclear power plants, airport perimeters, and military bases.

Remote Video Applications

  • Freeway and city traffic monitoring
  • Military Installation Perimeter Security
  • Public Safety Parks Monitoring
  • Shopping Center Security
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Industrial Plant Monitoring
  • Campus Cameras

The new breed of surveillance cameras are IP based, meaning they deliver a compressed video image (typically MPEG4, MPEG2 or MJPEG) over a standard Ethernet interface. Traditional analog cameras are also encoded to IP network-ready formats using low cost video servers and encoders.

Broadband wireless equipment from Pacific Wireless Communications provides the ideal method to transport video streams from remote camera locations. Offering long range, low latency (critical for video applications), and low cost. Pacific Wireless Communications wireless solutions offers the ability to deliver multi-camera full streaming live video from locations as remote as 40 miles.

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