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Electro-Magnetic Energy Testing

Pacific Wireless Communications leads the way in providing Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Services in the State of Hawaii. Our experienced EME engineers and technicians have completed EME studies of over 50 antenna facilities for government and commercial customers. Our EME services provide solutions to our customers needs in meeting the new FCC and OSHA safety guidelines. Let our EME professionals develop an EME program for you. Our full featured services include:

Data Research

  • Collect pertinent data needed to perform MPE level calculations
  • Dependant on client’s participation and accuracy of data
  • Focus on identifying all potential or suspected conditions that may pose hazards that are immediately dangerous

Physical Inventory and Equipment Verification

Verification of client’s MPE data base inventory information and gather supplemental site information

  • Visitation of site and inventory of equipment
  • Reassess the work to be accomplished

MPE Calculation

Maximum Permissible Exposure evaluation both calculated and prediction

  • Evaluation taking into account variables associated with energy emitted from transmitters and antenna

MPE Calculation Documentation

  • Provide results of the predicted MPE evaluation
  • Documents a graphical presentation of MPE information, and provides a written explanation of the result of the evaluation.

Site Survey / Information Documentation

On site measurements to determine site characterization

  • RF field measurements to determine MPE compliance with FCC radiation exposure standards

Documentation in field logbook

  • All pertinent information from field survey is documented with site specific data
  • Photographs of site and subject(s)

EME Mitigation

Implementation of controls to reduce RF exposure to levels in compliance with applicable guidelines

  • Compile a site map
  • Prepare the site for subsequent activities
  • Establish work zones by exposure

Develop RF Safety Plan

Prepare a written safety plan if there is potential for exposure that may exceed the allowable standard. This plan accounts for both routine and non-routine operations.

  • Appropriate sign designation and implementation
  • Briefing on site specific RF Safety Guidelines as well as employee EME Awareness training
  • Establishing specific site security measures to prevent the exposure of unauthorized, unprotected people to site hazards

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