System Management

PWC offers Site Management services to customers who are looking for a creative way to generate additional income. For those who have antennas on their property, we will compile a customized program to suit your business needs.

Actively pursue companies to lease space on your property.

Negotiate appropriate lease amounts with existing and new accounts, execute standard lease agreements on all accounts, and ensure businesses comply with all aspects of the Lease Agreement.

Conduct an inventory of existing antennas, repeaters, and associated equipment; make recommendations of the fair market value or other appropriate consideration.

Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Surveys
Conduct a preliminary RF survey to serve as a baseline of known RF energy present on the site.

Surveys After Any Change At Site
Conduct a subsequent survey upon addition or change of transmitting equipment.

Inventory Inspection
Conduct an inspection of all associated inventory and equipment twice a year.

Financial Services
Collect lease payments, pursue overdue payments, provide monthly statements, submit vacate/eviction notices as appropriate.

Develop a plan to maximize the number of wireless equipment units on the site as safely as possible.

Facilitating Complaints
Facilitate resolution of complaints regarding interference between communications equipment and licensees.